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It doesn't require any difficulties to learn: transformation and reservations boost from the first day, and you can watch it live on a fabulous dashboard.


Average boost in reservation

Follow up your hotel rise with our hotel administrator software

Our detailed hotel software will make practical hotel administration for you by developing the guest service you give, simplifying the features you do and make large your incomes.

A Hotel PMS for your current process

Fast arrivals, take offing

Do quick check-ins and check-outs for group and single bookings without any hardship utilizing HotelRace.

Credit card control

The hotel PMS inspect the guests' credit card information with automatic way, decreasing your recent time no-shows and annulments.

Housekeeping administration

HotelRace facilitates your housekeeping process, that supports you give the highest service to your customers.

Bookings and offline reservations

The cloud situated hotel software manages your online and offline reservations with anterior office, in any case of where you take them from.

User features and prerogatives

HotelRace assists you to limit information access and procedures with prerogatives as per the features your users perform.

Journey agents administration

Protect selling of your journey agents, and their suitable commission exactly in the hotel administration system

An effective income administration system

Resilient rate administration

Attract well-rounded customers with various rates utilizing rate administration quality of the online hotel administration software.

Automatic payment gathering

Rise your approved reservations by effortlessly collecting online payments from your customers with the online hotel administration system.

Product administration

Modify your cost through an automatic way as per your occupancy with the hotel PMS system, that enhances your income frequently.

Comprehensive business information

The hotel software provides you with fulfillment information about your hotel or hotel groups, assisting you design efficient expansion plans.

A hotel reservation motor to get direct booking

Commission-free reservations

You turn into 7/24 suitable to take unrestricted commission- free direct reservations owing to the cloud based hotel PMS system.

Looker to booker widgets

The system of online hotel reservation gives you attractive widgets on your site to convert more lookers into faithful bookers.

Packets promotions

The online hotel reservation software permits you to operate a lot of packets and promotions at your hotel to charm customers and gain more reservations.

Mobile- answering reservation motor

The online hotel reservation software allows your customers order from their favorite devices, as providing an increase to your income.

Google Hotel Ads Combination

When your customers investigate for you, they can take direct bookings even by registering in the Google Hotel Ads campaign owing to us.

Increase sale your services

The system supports you gain more income by rising sale a list of your hotel's services on the reservation motor.

Dynamic hotel website design

With our best-in-industry hotel management system, you get an attractive hotel website designed to increase your visitors. Moreover, your hotel website will integrate seamlessly with our hotel booking engine, giving you more commission-free direct bookings.

A channel administrator for your online inventory dispensation

More than 120 channels relatedness

The hotel channel manager rises your reservations by linking your hotel to GDS, OTAs and so on.

Mass updates with Just a click

The online hotel system owns a dispensation magician to do inventory and rate updates of plural rate plans immediately.

Rival rate analysis

Rate Shopper monitors your rivals' rates on OTAs, and assists you operate strong price plans according to your hotel.

Vivid inventory and rate updates

Realize momentary inventory and rate updates on every your linked channel from where you want from HotelRace system.

Equal inventory dispensation

In HotelRace, you gain just one solving to handle your inventory dispensation on every linked channel.

Rate entrance

The online hotel software protects you from incidental nominal rate updates and provides that you don't forfeit income as a conclusion.

Critique : Online reputation management system

Critique is now here to manage all your online reviews. A one-stop solution to collect, track and respond to all your reviews from one place. Experience the optimum solution of reputation management.

You can perform eventual customer experience

Mobile customers self-service websites

Develop your customer experience by allowing them to create their profile, increase claims and more with the hotel customer self-service websites.

Customer database and options

Preserve a registration of your guest information and their options in the hotel administration software, to perform higher experience.

Email marketing and timing plan

Manually or planning, you can forward post-departure, pre-arrival and in-house emails to your customers to show hospitality.

Rich choices of language and currency

Your customers can enter your reservation motor in their language and pay in their wanted currency utilizing the hotel PMS software.

You can perform eventual customer experience

7/24 live assist

Our live assist gives you two advantages: to use the A-class technology that you take, and to help with our suitable 7/24 service for the whole year to support you remove with any questions.

The best services

The free produce instruction and a key solving from your given account administrator assists you to be together with us fast.

More than 350 third-side combinations

The online hotel administration software owns diverse third-side combinations like accountancy and invoice software, key card door lock and so on.

Hotel PMS mobile application

Exit your anterior board and operate your hotel utilizing our hotel administration mobile app - HotelRace Absolute.

Stable, secure and comprehensive hotel management system

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If you have a fully-serviced property, you should explore this HMS solution.

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