Online Booking Engine

The surest way to accelerate your direct booking and increase hotel revenue!

Strong, Resilient and Simple to Utilize Online Reservation Engine

Our hotel reservation engine proposes your customers a fast and without problems booking experience demanding the fewest tries while utilizing their computer, tablets or mobile phones. Create greater incomes by permitting your customers to work particular proposals, promo codes and capacity to perform group reservation.

The extra benefits of reactive Engine

Provide an increase to your direct reservations with our reactive hotel booking system. By this way, allow your customers access the reservation engine section from any appliance.

Simple Reservation Procedure

The easy, chic and usable reservation engine will let the customers to smoothly order with your hotel, to providing rise in your hotel income.

Personalize to Match Your Brand

Flawlessly synchronizing through website of hotel, the online hotel booking system suggests perfect independence while customizing it with respect to your necessities.

Perks of HotelRace Reservation

Alongside with zero percentage commission on reservations, utilizing HotelRace owns diverse extra profits; like no linking agreements or the requirement of particular specialists for leading.

Many Interface and Room Reservation

Select from assorted GUI suitable with our reservation system and permit your customer to order many rooms in an only reservation.

Pay Gateway Alternatives

Seamlessly approve direct customer pay and permit them to select from more than 60 connected pay gateways and credit card processors.

Prepared Plug & Play Widgets

Attach and run diverse prepared to utilize plugins & widgets on your website to make a smart reservation effect.

Smart phone advantaged

With useful mobile advantages of HotelRace reservation engine, your customers can order online from their smart phone on the move.

Many Languages and Currency

The booking engine provides you with many languages and many currencies to assist you to enlarge your hotel's accession in the worldwide market.

Compose Packets and Promotions

Utilizing the Bill Board Effect on hotel's website, compose and suggest particular promotional packets and deductions to take attention from potential orderers.

Confidential Agreement for Regular Customers

HotelRace online hotel booking system permits you to compose confedencial agreements for specific customers by building prome codes to be accessed by only them while direct reservation.

Reductions for Corporate Customers

Suggest specific deductive rates to corporate customers and VIP Club Clients, doing them feel gentry and seducing them to chose you again.

Affiliate Tracking

This beneficial property present in the reservation system assists you to arrange and check whole affiliate programs and enhance selling with them.

Product Administration

Identify the most beneficial sale rate, joining diverse elements like that occupancy rate, days etc with product administration and improve benefit.

Sale of Additional Services

Hotel's additional services as City Tours, Spa, and other by displaying them on website of hotel and rise hotel income.

Every Email Tracking

Follow whole your reservations, from pay approval to booking misfortune. The online system dispatches you an email with automatically to pursue track of the reservations getting from your possession website.

Selling With Your Facebook Fan Page!

Transforming your Facebook fans into delighted customers, the social media combination permits your customers to do direct hotel reservation from Facebook account.

TravelConnect Bonus Partner

HotelRace is a TravelConnect Bonus Partner, that express you can show your hotel inventory and rates on the journey website; also get direct reservations.

Interface together with PMS System

The hotel reservation system suggests smoothly combination through HotelRace hotel PMS. On the other hand, we also support creating an interface with your present PMS

Wordpress Reservation Plugin

For HotelRace booking prepared Wordpress Plugin smoothly combines with your hotel website and permits you to admit reservations from Wordpress.

Review Rises Selling

HotelRace reservation system simply publishes customer reviews you chose for your hotel website and increases connection through your hotel.

SMS on Reservation

Improving customer intercourses, HotelRace reservation system lets you instantly dispatch an SMS notification to client on reservation approval.

Joomla Reservation Plugin

For HotelRace booking the Joomla Reservation Plugin seamlessly integrates with your hotel website and takes reservations from Joomla.

Diverse Accommodation

Proposing maximal resilience, HotelRace online reservation engine will permit you to get direct reservations in any cases the sort of possession you have.

Attract attention of your Customer

Strengthen customer attraction by automatically dispatching diverse emails with particular reductions and packets before, during and after the client stay.

Google Hotel Advertisements

Google is our competent combination partner. Hotel-keepers can register to Google Hotel Advertisements commissions program together with Google.

Create communication with your customers before, during and after accommodation

Enhance your customer interest with the support of our pre-arrival, in-house and post-departure automated emails. Promote local charming things, expose your hotel services, gather customer review and foster personified interact and create client devotion.


Use effectively your customer's reservation experience with permitting them to customize their accommodation or choice of before check-in etc by pre-arrival email service.

In Accommodation Time

Dispatch a warm welcome email to your customers during check-in, available particular or breakfast suggestions etc to perform a high accommodation for clients through the hotel PMS.

Customized Messages

Together with pre-identified templates of hotel PMS software, you can modify for customers and timing the emails with respect to your necessities.

Copy Emails

Use precious content information, without any failure again. Copy and edit former email templates and dispatch to customers.

Automatic and Manuel Email Programming

The online PMS system suggests you momentary or automatic answerer emails. In addition, it permits you to manual email schedulling according to necessary.

Promotions and Suggestions

Email the customer particular packets and reductions, on next reservations and persuade them to choose your hotel once more.

Compose and Keep for Future

Effortlessly compose and keep admirable email templates to later usage.

Usable Templates for Mobile

HotelRace proposes diverse templates assisted by each sort of apparatuses; it can be desktop, tablet or mobile.

Post Departure

Post departure, send a thank you email for staying with a request of a feedback of your service.

Hotel rate administration did simpler by HotelRace cloud solving

To establish the excellent costing plan that keeps the wanted benefit margins and expansion, you need a tool that provides you the independence to review rates with respect to the variable alternatives.HotelRace rate administration tool provides you reach to detailed market attitude analysis to effectively handle hotel income and rise takings. Besides, the administration tool can even take rivals' cost in order to compare by that you can adjust the rates according to maximal benefits. To yield you a superiority in your cost plan, you can do a comparison with former year's times to appraise the Best Available Retail Rate.

Present Year and Former Year Statistics

HotelRace hotel PMS system easily compares whole necessary statistics from the current and previous year and aim to take Best Available Rate (BAR).

Vacation and Weekend Demonstration

By prognosticating nearing vacation and weekends, the PMS system assists you to take the most suitable your hotel rates.

Rate Shopper Tool

Do the analysis and perform comparison your rival's cost and income for subsequent 30 days with rates provided from the aforesaid OTAs.

Follow Your Rivalry

Receive the recent update on the market, while effortlessly have a look at inventory and rates of the rivals.


Indicate local tourist places and whole events nearby to take the attention of customers.

Reports, logs, and statistics

Beginning from booking & annulment, to income linked reports, the numerous reports of HotelRace online reservation system give you a comprehensive break-down of whole hotel processes with the inclusion of booking statistics for Desktop, Mobile and plus Facebook. Moreover, the hotel reservation system gives you with a summary of all substantial information in the format of usable graphs and charts straight visible on the dashboard. Getting the reservation source in the calculation, the online system smoothly provides you an urgent statistic to booking summary, present reservation data, occupancy grade, and income during a day, week, month.
In addition, the hotel system enrolls every operation which takes place in the system, with the data of the customer who is responsible for the operation.

Google Statistics & E-business

Combine HotelRace reservation engine smoothly through your Google Analytics to control the building user rate of your website.


Beginning from booking to annulment, create reports concerned to hotel reservations to make the improved decisions.

Logs for whole

Enhance the hotel online safety and account responsibility, with control of every operation of your reservation system.

Users Statistics

Take thorough graphic summary concerning, present reservation etc. direct from the dashboard system.

Customer statics

Customer Statistics offers you a consummate breakdown of how the client is combining with your business website with details, like looking for standards, the currency utilized etc, the customer statics supports you define most attractive qualities of property and utilize it for strategy.

Use effectively your reservation with prepared API combination

Assisting developers and designers to use effectively your business website, HotelRace hotel reservation system suggests diverse present APIs which combine with the website easily. Suggesting a perfect reservation experience to your customers, our prepared to utilize APIs permit you to show inventory and rates of your hotel, hotel facilities etc. on diverse front-end of your option like your Facebook account, hotel website etc.

The integration is present for the hotels or hotel groups, who want to establish their effectiveness page, using the ratio and data given to their possessions.

Immediate Reservation

Furthermore, we do not just give a room list, we even own a prepared interface present for immediate reservation in our online booking system.

Hotel List &Choices

HotelRace has easily reachable API for listing chain hotel groups with their actual time ratios and availability, facilities and whole other significant data concerning the hotel room.

Additional Services

With the support of reservation system API, you can readily upgrade the innumerable additional services you give like food list, free meal etc.

Ratios & Usabilities

Automatically revoke actual-time ratios and inventory arranged in the last part of the system.

Central booking system

Removing the hardship of handling many visitors logins, the central booking system gives you whole substantial data under an only panel. Facilitating procedures for hotel properties, the CRS offers you central access to ratios, inventory, and reservations of all your properties.

Furthermore, the toggle attribute permits you to between dissimilar features streamline to handle ratio and inventory of all of the qualities.

Walk-in Reservation Service

With whole the data on an only screen, you / your group can behave with awareness while a reservation for a walk-in customer.

Dashboard to İncome, Reservation & Stats

Take considerable actual time data concerning the present reservations, occupancy grade etc. in readily to grasp graphical charts.

Handle Ratios, Inventory and Reservations

There are not more transform between various system login panels. Preserve ratios, inventory and reservations whole under a only system login panel.

Exceptional Tool, Rate Administration

Through the support of exceptional Rate Administration tool, automate an excellent cost plan to use maximal effectively.