Simple, fast and exact online dispensation service

Hotel Race - channel administration software will automatize the online rate administration and your hotel's online stock dispensation with actual updates on more than 100 linked OTAs and worldwide dispensation tract .

Immediately Administrate whole your Dispensation Websites from an Only place

It doesn't matter if it is 5, 20, 100; make the plural channel administration with easy owing to Hotel Race.

Effectively Use Hotel Total İnventory

Hotel Race channel administration software updates whole your information in actual-time, so allowing you to advantage from using your total inventory online, with no concern of over-accepting.

Automat Room Rate Updates to get Maximal Benefit

According to per different situations you define, the dispensation channel administration tract permits you easily provide the finest room sale rate to get maximal benefit.

Finish Selling with an Only Click

with the touch of a button, immediately finish the selling of your active inventory on whole related OTAs and worldwide dispensation tract.

External Currency Rate Updates

From our inventory dispensation channel administrator, admit pay in external currencies and transform the income in regional currency.

Do Overbooking a Stuff of the Past

Utilizing the recent technology of Hotel Race channel administrator, we guarantee you that the problem of overbooking at your hotel would be an uncommon event.

Protect Rate Equality without any Endeavor

Preserving the rate equality matters in mind, our channel administration software supplies that whole alteration updated in actual-time, leaving one in near a million opportunity for faults.

Gain more: attach your hotel with more than 100 journey websites

Our channel administration tract moves like a bridge between your hotel and countless journey reservation places enhancing your online attain for advanced reservation probability./div>

Profits from our over a hundred Linked Online Dispensation Channels

OTA synchronizer of Hotel Race suggests combination with more than 100 online journey reservation websites with the inclusion of OTA, Vacation Rentals, GDS and so on.

Synchronization with Holiday Hire Websites

Hotel Race will effectively synchronize the availability calendar on significant holiday hire portals and permit you to gain taking reservation from the increasing reservation market.

Get benefits of our Channel Manager API

Fast and easily combine your Hotel Race channel administrator with plural 3rd side solving for higher hotel administration

Perfect Interface with Reservation Motor and Hotel Software

The smooth combining of Hotel Race inventory distributor with hotel PMS and reservation tract, allow you to update active inventory on linked channels.

Counted analytics and information

Owing to Hotel Race channel administration tract, effortlessly analyze and evaluate the favorable outcome of linked channels as per the income and reservation taken from them. In this way, more measuring the future plans and getting essential precaution.

OTA Brokerage / Billing Administration

Effortlessly administrate countless commission and bills related to different linked channels as per the agreement you do with them.


Supporting you to receive an effective and strategic plan, Hotel Race channel administrator ensures you with comprehensive information getting you actual-time reports of the hotel.

Control Logs

Registration the whole updates happening in the system, the audit logs in Hotel Race system provide that your hotel information is every time on record and safe.

Look Over Rival's Rate

Protecting in par with the active market plan, Hotel Race Rate Shopper Tool provides you vivid information of your rivals' room rates on linked OTAs and GDSs.

Suffixed to the full dispensation ecosystem

Our channel administrator proposes innumerable worth qualities like 7/24 live help, distinguished account administrator and so on.

Favored Expert to Assist you when and where you want

Faithfully caring your possession's development, your Hotel Race decided specialist will support you take the finest revenues on your capital goods.

Earn the Advantages of Mobile Channel Manager

In the quick world of mobile phones, Hotel Race mobile channel administrator permits you to exercise entire channel manager efficiencies from your mobile.

Roll Over Updates

Providing that your hotel is available to book for the next one year from the current day, the system shows a procedure named as 'Roll Over Date'.

Synchronizing Derivative and Master Rate Strategy

Our channel administrator connects your hotel's derivative and master rate plans. In this way, any updates did on master rate strategy, derivative plan will repeat it.