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How it operates?

HotelRace is modifing the hotel sector by suggesting hotels smart technology which turns hotels less addicted to OTAs.

Manage priorities in your subjects and earn back your online reservations' audit.

Sense Your Customers and Their Behavior

Make effective client travels for all guest to increase direct reservations.

Improve Guest Travel. In Actual Time

We utilize all the information about your website users and display them the correct triggers, at the correct place and at the correct time on your website - in actual time.

Up and working in no-time

Without code. Only a little part of scenario

It buys longer to take a cup tea than to set our solution on your website. Only a little part of hotel code set in the header of your website and reservation engine and we are all planned and working.

Complete serving. No concession

After setting, our concession experts turn your site into an excellent converting reservation website- the whole difficult work is made on the end. Time to get a cup of tea for you.