• Competitors Number
  • Follow annual price of competitors
    Follow the annual prices of your rivals to manage hotel business in selling channels and various websites, because this key feature provides you to create a business structure. By this way, you can improve your hotel opportunities and gain more revenue.
  • Be Aware of price changes
    HotelRace ensures you notifications about a difference of prices between your hotel and other hotel websites. For instance, when your competitors made changes in cost, you immediately know it owing to the online hotel system.
  • Decrease wage
    According to price strategy, when you see that your rivals diminish their price, you also should decrease your wage. The reason is that customer explore and select cheaper one. In that case, if you don't reduce your pay, you will lose your customers and give your revenue yo other hotels.
  • Increase charge
    Our online system informs you when your competitors increase wage. With that info, you can set your price plan and rise surely your charge, because you are an only option for customers, so they will absolutely choose you despite the price.
  • Sum of room sale
    You can see sum sale of other hotels owing to our hotel online management system, and prepare annual reports about them. The reports can be linked to selling amount, price's difference, sum's distinction, reasons for sum difference etc.
  • Room sale's speed
    We also ensure you the ability to track competition's speed in your various online sales channels. Using our system you will know speed details of your competitors like duration and reservations' types. For example, they can be weekly, (monthly, yearly, daily) overnight and or single or group.
  • Local and worldwide data
    HotelRace online hotel management permits you to see the availability of your website in the local and worldwide hotel sector. Identify your position in online travel agents, diverse hotel website and global sales channels for effective administration.
  • Tracking Banner
    Your competitors’ report of advertising banners that give in past or current time
  • Competitors Advertisements
    Your competitors’ report of paid text advertisements that give Google in past or now
  • Competitors Keywords
    Your competitors’ report of paid keywords that give to advertisements
  • Competitors Website
    User locations of your competitors' website
  • Competitors Organic Keywords
    Your competitors organic keywords and traffic that gets from them

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